WORKING FOR ALL - Vote Dollens Nov. 8th

My message is simple: We must put students first; we must take care of our teachers; we must protect seniors and ensure public safety; we must be responsible and transparent with taxpayer dollars.

Mickey Dollens is the only candidate running for House District 93 that is trusted and endorsed by:

  • Oklahoma City Firefighters
  • Oklahoma Retired Firefighters Association
  • Oklahomans for Public Education
  • Oklahoma Retired Educators
  • OK State Home Builders Association
  • Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce

Mickey Dollens is a 5th generation Oklahoman who is a certified teacher and small business owner.

He earned a football scholarship to Southern Methodist University and worked in the Oklahoma oil fields before buying a home near U.S. Grant High School to be closer to work and to start a family.

 After experiencing the challenges facing our community and listening to his neighbors, Mickey created a plan to improve schools, strengthen neighborhood safety, and protect senior citizens.

 As your Representative, Mickey is dedicated to:

- Strengthening Oklahoma public education

- Defending our 2nd Amendment rights

- Protecting senior citizens

- Improving mental health treatment

- Improving Services for Veterans

- Making our neighborhoods safe

Why I'm running for State Legislature

    Oklahoma is where I call home. It has been my family’s home for five generations. Like many of you I feel a deep connection with Oklahoma, but we all know our state faces many challenges.

    I know we can do better. Oklahoma has the potential to become a better place to call home with a stronger foundation of providing support for our teachers in order to ensure our children receive a quality education. I want to ensure equal opportunity for people of all backgrounds so they feel the government is an ally rather than an enemy. I will fight for transparency and the social and fiscal responsibility of our government. I want to affect changes that actually matter and that will improve the daily lives of all Oklahomans, rather than appease a small interest minority, waste taxpayer money, and put Oklahoma in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. It is clear Oklahomans need sensible, energized leadership now more than ever.

    I am a moderate Democrat who knows how to work with others to create solutions and get things done. I humbly ask for your vote on November 8th.

    Please join my campaign. Email to ask questions, request a yard sign, and learn more about volunteer opportunities.

    Mickey Dollens for State House 2016
    PO Box 19629
    OKC, OK