Statewide Primary Election: 6-28-16

Recent Endorsements

  • Oklahoma City Firefighters IAFF Local 157
  • Oklahoma Retired Firefighters Association
  • American Federation of Teachers
  • Oklahoma Retired Educators
  • Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce
  • Southwest Laborers
  • Teamsters 886
  • Oklahomans for Public Education
  • Oklahoma AFL-CIO
  • Oklahoma State Home Builders Association
  • Former House District 93 State Representatives, Wanda Jo Peltier and Al Lindley.

I am more motivated than ever to strengthen Oklahoma's public education, support educators, invest in crime prevention instead of mass incarceration, honor our active and veteran military service members, promote equal pay for women, and utilize our federal tax dollars to care for our most vulnerable.

Why I'm running for State Legislature

Oklahoma is where I call home. It has been my family’s home for five generations. Like many of you I feel a deep connection with Oklahoma, but we all know our state faces many challenges.

I know we can do better. Oklahoma has the potential to become a better place to call home with a stronger foundation of providing support for our teachers in order to ensure our children receive an authentic education. I want to ensure equal opportunity for people of all backgrounds so they feel the government is an ally rather than an enemy. I will fight for transparency and the social and fiscal responsibility of our government. I want to affect changes that actually matter and that will actually improve the daily lives of all Oklahomans, rather than appease a small interest minority, waste taxpayer money, and put Oklahoma in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. It is clear Oklahomans need strong, driven leadership now more than ever.

I hope to earn your vote as the Democratic candidate in the Statewide Primary on June 28th and win Oklahoma House District 93 in the General election on November 8th. Together, we can make Oklahoma a better place to call home. Please join my campaign. Email Request a yard sign and ask about volunteer opportunities.

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated. Thank you.