Oklahoma House District 93

Thank you for the honor of serving as your State Representative.
I am continuously reminded of the trust that you have placed in me to do what is best for each one of us living in House District 93.
The 2017 legislative session has ended.  It is still possible that we will be called back for a special session. Those revenue raising measures that were passed are almost entirely going to be paid by middle-class and working-class Oklahomans. Several of the taxes passed are being challenged in court. If they are found unconstitutional, we will return to address a continuing budget crisis.


I fought against predatory payday lending, the cigarette cessation tax and a state budget that shifts the tax burden from the wealthiest citizens and corporations to middle income families.

Many of you asked me to fight against the prolonging of wasteful corporate welfare.

I authored the following bills. They have been passed out of the House and are awaiting passage in the Senate.
Creates educational opportunity with a high school construction class.

HB1406 – Provides additional protections for our senior citizens.

 Keeping My Promise

I’m walking door-to-door throughout our District. You deserve to hear from your Representative more often than just once every two years. I would love to hear your questions, suggestions, and concerns. If you need any assistance with a state agency or have any ideas / issues you would like to discuss, please contact me. Additionally, if you, your family or a group that you are associated with would like to tour the Capitol, you may call my office and we can help arrange that. (405-557-7371)

Join Me
At my weekly community meetings. They are held on Friday mornings from 7am – 8am at Jimmy’s Roundup Cafe (1301 SW 59th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73119). We will enjoy a cup of coffee and discuss issues that matter to you.

Thanks again for allowing me to serve as your State Representative.

~Representative Mickey Dollens