Owning a home in the community, teaching at U.S. Grant High School, and listening to my neighbors has given me the opportunity to understand the hardworking people and diverse cultural backgrounds of those that make up the community in District 93. I know that the key to a safe, clean, and unified community lies not in simply increasing the presence of law enforcement, but in investing time and energy in the community, building and maintaining relationships, maintaining infrastructure, and ensuring dignity, respect, and substantial opportunities for all people - regardless of race, class, or gender. I will focus on crime prevention instead of mass incarceration. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

There is an absence of community involvement in District 93. I will create a Community Progress Board to advise me on ways to help strengthen the district. This committee will also be in charge of creating grassroots community events. Improving and connecting the community from within will take time and effort, and I am fully committed and determined.

Here are a few of the things I would like to do for our community: 

  • Investing in economic development, green jobs, and helping the homeless.
  • Ensuring public safety.
  • Ensuring our veterans are well taken care of and are treated with the respect and honor they deserve.
  • Creating a community development board.
  • Investing in the community, improving infrastructure and ensuring clean water.
  • Protecting and growing our parks.