Small Business
& Infrastructure

Small businesses are the backbone of Oklahoma, making up 97% of all employers. I own and operates a small business – I've balanced books, met deadlines, and served countless satisfied customers.

I will support meaningful reforms that help to create quality jobs and opportunities for hardworking Oklahomans. I understand the issues facing Oklahoma businesses and have the experience in both the private and public sector needed to lead on these issues.

Being a small business owner has taught me valuable lessons in resourcefulness, thinking ahead, and working with others to get things done.

I am committed to creating jobs that will allow individuals in the community to work and to build the lives they want, to empower people to dream big and to work hard, and to helping small businesses grow. Oklahomans want to work and without the opportunity to do so, they cannot.

As your Representative, I will fight to make sure that State Government is managed effectively so that core services and responsibilities are adequately funded and ensure local control is returned to our counties, cities, and towns.

I  will commit myself to empowering residents of South Oklahoma City and to ensuring that everyone has the chance to create their own future. As your state representative I will fully dedicate myself to:

  • Increasing job opportunities through economic diversification
  • Restoring local control to our counties, cities, and towns.
  • Providing seminars, resources, and other opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.