Working for all

I'm honored to be the Representative-Elect of HD93. Thank you to all my family, friends, and neighbors for your support. Thank you to my volunteers for your relentless work ethic. I would like to thank my opponent for a hard fought race. This campaign has prepared me for the unexpected that I'm sure to encounter as a state legislator.

Now the real work begins. It's time to come together to create meaningful policy that helps improve the lives of Oklahomans.


Mickey Dollens is a 5th generation Oklahoman who is a certified teacher and small business owner.

He earned a football scholarship to Southern Methodist University and worked in the Oklahoma oil fields before buying a home near U.S. Grant High School to be closer to work and to start a family.

After experiencing the challenges facing our community and listening to his neighbors, Mickey created a plan to improve schools, strengthen neighborhood safety, and protect senior citizens.

Mickey Dollens for State House 2016
PO Box 19629