As an OKCPS teacher who was laid off due to the budget cuts, Mickey Dollens knows firsthand the importance of funding education. 

Mickey will work to add value and respect back to being a teacher in Oklahoma through competitive salaries that meet the regional average, protecting pensions, and redistributing existing revenue back into the classroom for the students and teachers.

Mickey will work across party lines to create solutions. Teachers deserve the resources and tools that help our kids achieve today and compete for the jobs of tomorrow.

Mickey's plan for increased teacher pay:

1.) Redirect resources back into the classroom for students and teachers.

2.) End unnecessary corporate welfare. Oklahoma loses hundreds of million of dollars each year in tax subsidies to various industries that aren't promoting job growth.

3.) Restore accountability and bring transparency to the state budget. Promote unified accounting for all revenue dollars. Post spending reports online for everyone to access.

Interview: Oklahoma Education Journal