Priorities Overview


As an OKCPS teacher who was laid off due to the budget cuts, Mickey Dollens knows firsthand the importance of funding education. 

Mickey will work to add value and respect back to being a teacher in Oklahoma through competitive salaries that meet the regional average, protecting pensions, and redistributing existing revenue back into the classroom for the students and teachers.

Mickey will work across party lines to create solutions. Teachers deserve the resources and tools that help our kids achieve today and compete for the jobs of tomorrow.

A better education system equals better citizens, a brighter future, and a boosted economy. Education has the power to make our community a better place.

Mickey's plan for increased teacher pay:

1.) Redirect resources back into the classroom for students and teachers.

2.) End unnecessary corporate welfare. Oklahoma loses hundreds of million of dollars each year in tax subsidies to various industries that aren't promoting job growth.

3.) Restore accountability and bring transparency to the state budget. Promote unified accounting for all revenue dollars. Post spending reports online for everyone to access.

Mental Health

 In 2011, Mickey lost his younger brother Joe to depression and suicide. This tragic moment eventually led Mickey to research what it was that the state was doing for some of its most vulnerable. He discovered Oklahoma has the 2nd highest rate of untreated mental illness in the nation. More than 20% of Oklahomans suffer from an untreated mental illness – many of which are treatable.

Mickey feels strongly that it is his ethical responsibility to advocate for a comprehensive approach to mental health treatment in Oklahoma. When the state refuses to invest what is needed for proper and sufficient mental health treatment, it is telling those who suffer from it – and those who have loved ones who suffer from seeing them in pain – that their pain is either not real, not substantial, or not worth addressing.

Mental illness is not a partisan issue; it impacts everyone. Investing in treatment will reduce homelessness, substance abuse, and save tax-payer dollars in the long run. Changing our understanding of mental illness as a serious, real, and legitimate issue will save lives.

 Senior Citizens

Growing up, Mickey Dollens learned about the challenges senior citizens face in Oklahoma through his mom who worked as an occupational therapist specializing in senior care.

 While visiting nursing homes and senior centers in Oklahoma, Mickey observed his mom treat those she visited with care and compassion, and learned by example as she fought to correct instances of neglect and abuse when she saw them.

 With the irresponsible budget cuts from last session our senior citizens are being asked to shoulder more and more of the burden. Mickey will fight for nursing home reform and protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid for senor citizens in our community and across Oklahoma.

Small Business
& Infrastructure

Small businesses are the backbone of Oklahoma, making up 97% of all employers. Mickey owns and operates a small business – He’s balanced books, met deadlines, and served countless satisfied customers.

 He will support meaningful reforms that help to create quality jobs and opportunities for hardworking Oklahomans. Mickey Dollens understands the issues facing Oklahoma businesses and has the experience in both the private and public sector needed to lead on these issues.

 Being a small business owner has taught Mickey valuable lessons in resourcefulness, thinking ahead, and working with others to get things done.

Additional Priorities Include:

  • Honoring our active and veteran military service members

  • Advocating fitness and wellness for underprivileged youth.

  • Support equal pay and opportunities for women

  • Increase job opportunities through economic diversification